SSL Certificates

Protect Data and Reputation

The core function of an SSL certificate is to protect server-client communication. SSL helps you protect against the mischievous army of hackers and skimmers. As the data is turned into the undecipherable format by SSL, hacker’s skills prove to be an edgeless sword against the unsurpassable encryption technology of SSL certificates.

The second primary task of an SSL certificate is to provide authentication to a website. Identity verification is one of the most important aspects as far as web security is concerned.

Core Features:

Encrypt Your Online Transactions

Phishing Attack Prevention

Choose From Wide Range of SSL Types

Install Across Multiple Servers

Symantec is a world leader in SSL Security Certificates and EV SSL Solutions. Today, over 100,000 websites display the Symantec logo as a sign of security and validation. A Fortune 500 company – Symantec is also a member of S&P 500 stock market.

$34.95 USD Yearly

Comodo is a well-respected name in the internet security industry. This company offers many options for those looking for a reliable SSL certificate provider, from EV to UC to Wildcard SSL certificates, Comodo’s SSL certificates cater to both small and large online stores.

$39.95 USD Yearly

GeoTrust, a leading certificate authority, provides retail and reseller services for SSL encryption, and website authentication, digital signatures, code signing, secure email, and enterprise SSL products.

$79.00 USD Yearly

Customers who feel secure online are more likely to complete a purchase, personalize their profile, and return to your website. SSL certificates from Thawte powered by DigiCert provide robust authentication and encryption, assuring your customers that their data and transactions are secure.

$49.95 USD Yearly

RapidSSL is a leading low-cost certificate authority, generating SSL certificates, including free SSL and wildcard SSL certificates, for small and medium businesses. RapidSSL provides low-cost highly trusted single-root SSL certificates.

$54.95 USD Yearly

SSL certificates by DigiCert secure unlimited servers with the strongest encryption and highest authentication available.

$59.95 USD Yearly

Extended Validation SSL

As the highest class of SSL certificates, EV certificates secure data transmission and also display your company name in the browser address bar. This allows visitors to know that your site is safe to use and has not been compromised.

1 Year $299.99 USD Order Today
2 Years $479.98 USD ~ Saving of 20% Order Today
3 Years $539.98 USD ~ Saving of 40% Order Today

Issued in 7 Days

Highest Encryption

$1.75m Warranty