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Most Popular Articles

I can no longer access my Control Panel with my username and password?

You most likely have changed your password, when you first received your welcome letter. You will have to send a trouble ticket to Support, to regain your username and password.

What is your policy on disconnecting accounts with late/no payments?

We do NOT automatically disconnect accounts who fail to pay a late or no payment on their account.On failure to receive payment on due date, DDI, Inc.  will send a late payment notification, and 3...

Configuring MS Oulook

Step 1: Open Outlook, and click on the Tools menu. Please, select E-mail Accounts... Step 2: Select the option Add a new e-mail account. Click 'Next' Step 3: Select the type of account you...

Can I check my email through the web or Internet Browser such as Internet Explorer?

Yes, this is very simple to do. Simply go to and you will be prompted for your username, you will need to input your username as you created in...

How can I access my Control Panel?

If you have already pointed your domain name to us and it's been 24-48 hours, you can access your Control Panel, by going to, if you have not yet pointed your...